Action Sport Rentals Commonly Asked Questions

What kind of boats do you rent?

We rent powerboats, sailboats, bikes & surreys, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), Kayaks, and different electric boats. Please explore actionsportrentals.com/boat-rentals for more details and a complete list.

How long do I have to reserve?

All reservations online can be made up until 1 hour prior to the start of the reservation you are trying to make on the day of as long as the item is available. If the item is not, the system will show it as “Sold Out” and not allow you to book it.

Is there a Veterans/Military Discount?

Yes, to receave a 10% Military disscount a Valid Military ID Must be presented at the time you check in to the rental. The ID must be present and can not be a photo or copy. Once presented a refund equiling the 10% ammount will be refunded back to the payment method on file.


*PLEASE NOTE: A valid Military ID, and ID holder, must be presented at the time of check-in otherwise we will charge the full price of the rental. There are no exceptions to this. Disccounts can not be combined. Disccounts are for bare boat rentals only and can not be applied to our charter boats or skipper rates (can be applied to the rental boat but no the skipper rate). For more information please contact reservations@actionsportrentals.com.

The website is not showing the duration I want. Why is that and can I change this?

All reservations made are subject to our Reservation Policy. This policy can not be changed at any time by anyone.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take a Credit/Debit Card for any reservations. For walkups, we accept Card, Cash, and Room charge (If staying at the resort only). We do not accept Mobile Wallets (Apple & Google Pay) and Checks.

Do you charge a fuel surcharge?

Based on the cost of fuel, a 10% fuel surcharge will be added to offset fuel costs. When the fuel prices go down we will remove this charge.

What experience is required to rent a boat?

No experience is required to rent our regular boats. The current exception is sailboats.

How old do you need to be to drive a Waverunner?

Waverunner Operators must be 21+ and carry a valid Drivers License from one of the 50 states. All passengers/Non-Operators must be at least 36″.

What is the minimum age for passengers on a waverunner?

There is no minimum age. All passengers must be 36″ or taller in order to ride a Waverunner.

Are dogs allowed on the boats?
What are the terms and conditions for reservations?

We offer a full refund with 24 Hour notice. Exceptions are given if we close due to weather. Please visit our Reservations Policy for more information.

Do you provide Life Jackets?

As required by United States Coast Guard we are required to provide for all Renters including children. Please note, we do not provide life vests for dogs however they are not required to wear one. For more information, please see the Code of Federal Regulation on Life Jackets.

Is insurance offered with rentals?

Insurance is not provided, renters are 100% liable for any incidentals.

What documents are needed to rent something?

A valid driver’s license and credit card is required. Name must match on both.

What is the deposit for the rentals?

We hold the Driver’s License(s) and 1 Valid Credit Card or $500 cash (We can not hold a Debit Card).

How old do you need to be to rent something?

18 years or older with a valid driver’s license to rent any item in our company.

*Waverunners require that you are 21+

Can we bring food and drinks on the boat?

Yes, sunflower seeds and glass are not permitted on any of our vessels.

Is alcohol allowed?

Alcohol is permitted for the passengers, the driver or drivers can NOT consume any alcohol. No glass bottles, Please change out to plastic or metal prior to getting to the docks.

Do you need to make a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended however are not required. We strongly suggest making a reservation to confirm your rental and time slot.

Can we tow a tube/wakeboard behind the boats?

Towables are not permitted behind any rentals.

Do you allow swimming off of your boats?

Swimming is not permitted from any of our powerboats. We have had major issues in the past. 

Do I need sailing experience to rent sail?

We require sailing experience such as being in a sailing club, taking professional classes, or going out on the bay with one of our skippers for lessons.

Can I get a speeding ticket and other violations on the water?

Yes, make sure you understand where the no wake/5 MPH zones are before departing. You are 100% liable for your vessel if you damage it or any other vessel or property or receive citations.

Can I use a Debit card for deposit?
No, A major credit card must be used.
Can you fish off of the boats?

Yes. Our fishing boats are located at the Dana Landing location.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24-hour notice for a full refund.

Charter Boats requires a 72 hours notice for a full refund and/or change to another date/time.

I made a reservations at the wrong location. Can I transfer it?

You can transfer your reservation to another at least 48 hours before the start time of your reservation by calling 619-241-4794.

*Please note in order to move a reservation we will have to cancel and refund you at the current location and then charge and make a new reservation at the new location. The Refund process can take 5-10 business days to show up on your card. Please see our Reservation Policy for More Information.






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